About us

A “safari” is one of the most romantic and adventurous holidays you will ever take; the cliché “it will change your life” holds true.

The home of “safari”, Kenya has the most diverse range of species and ecosystem habitats within Africa. Most of its eco-systems are “fence free” and range for thousands of kilometres. Kenya is the only country in Africa with such diverse and colourful tribal communities, still following their ancestral traditions that date back hundreds of years. Meeting and interacting with these diverse local communities enriches the safari experience.

The C&P Portfolio is a collection of Kenya’s most renowned safari camps and lodges. Each property has its own footprint & style, yet a common theme: small, unique & elegant, located in prime wilderness areas with an eye for detail and committed to low impact tourism!

All of the properties have been carefully selected for their compatibility with the following criteria:

  • Small, exclusive properties with outstanding accommodation, cuisine and ambiance.
  • Fun, experienced and knowledgeable guides.
  • Diverse activities, including gamedrives, guided bush walks, horseback riding, spa treatments and more.
  • Prime locations for exclusive and outstanding wildlife experiences.
  • Child friendly, personalized and flexible.
  • Cultural interaction with most staff employed from local communities.
  • Commitment to the environment, conservation and community welfare.